About Us

eSchool of Life is an eLearning platform of Glocal Learning Management Ltd. It is a learner-centered, interactive, flexible and user-friendly platform where Student and Learners can learn new things and Teacher or Trainers can teach at any time from anyplace as per their conveniences by using electronic devices like handset, tab, laptop, computer, and smart TV, etc.

This is an online educational platform that aims to prepare learners for the changing world, enhancing personal abilities by offering wide range of courses in all areas of life. It bridges up the skill gap among the students, unemployed youth who look for a suitable career and the existing workforce who wants a career development. It connects the industry with the educational institute.

We envisage to become a center of excellence and a leading eLearning platform by delivering highest standard online courses taught by renowned teachers, reputed trainers and expert professionals. We create tomorrow’s leaders to keep pace with the 4th industrial revolution in this highly competitive digital era.

We are working with the reputed academicians; well acclaimed educational institute for academic courses and curriculum development. We are also working for different industry, business conglomerates and multinational companies at home and abroad for professional development. We firmly believe learning is a lifelong continuous process from the cradle to the grave. This online platform caters courses for all walks of life starting from infant age to post-retirement stage.


Our Product & Services: We provide Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)

  • eLearning for Academic, Professional & Personal Life
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Design & Development
  • Online Education, Curriculum & Courses Development
  • Digital Content Development and Management
  • Big Data Collection, Processing and Analysis
  • IT Support, Software Development and Maintenance
  • Research & Development, Publications & Conference Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing & Knowledge Process Outsourcing, etc.


Our Mission

To connect the global citizen beyond the geographical location and minimize the gap among learned and learners, teachers and students, professional and non-professional, skilled and unskilled through sharing knowledge and experience to know about life for leading a better life and to be a good human being for a better world.


Our Values

  • To ensure quality and affordable education
  • To make a positive impact on the society
  • To ascertain accountability and transparency
  • To focus and serve the purpose of life
  • Potentially partner together and mutually grow together


Our Culture

  • Delivering Skill, Knowledge and Experience